Remembering That He Didn’t Choose Me

Love it…

The Emotional Detox Life

For some reason I am all in my feelings tonight. Probably an effect of just thinking too much.

Last week, I found myself waiting to hear the results of my tests for STD’s and it made me think really hard about things. There I was sitting in a cold room holding back tears because I knew why I was there. I wondered how could I be here and somewhere else there was someone else smiling.

I guess by now I should be completely over this RIGHT?? I should be preparing myself for this grand emotional remodel. However, I always allow myself to feel. I don’t like having these moments. Actually, I hate them!!!! They make me feel so weak at times. Mostly because I feel like I am making so much progress then a day like today shows up and I question what I am doing.

I have heard so…

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